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Know what’s in your food!The healthiest people eat consciously. Tasteful is a healthy restaurant finder that ranks nearby restaurants based on the quality of their food, not how many parking spaces they have or their mood lighting.Whatever your diet, wherever you are, Tasteful serves up restaurants and dishes to fit your healthy diet and lifestyle. Are you Vegan in Vegas? Paleo in Portland? Gluten-Free in Gilroy? Need to find a Vegetarian restaurant in Austin or a Low Carb lunch spot near work? We’ve got you covered. Tasteful features hundreds of thousands of healthy restaurants in thousands of cities across the country with millions of healthy dishes personalized for you.TASTEFUL HELPS YOU- Discover the BEST healthy restaurants that fit your diet- Search for real food restaurants anywhere in the U.S.- Find healthy restaurants that source farm to table, local & sustainable ingredients- See what & where other healthy eaters are going- Stay on top of the latest health news for your lifestyleREAL FOOD WORTH SHOUTING ABOUTIf a restaurants’ food is organic, local, seasonal, pastured, free-range and/or sustainable it will be rated higher. Restaurants are reviewed & recommended by our Nutrition Team. If you have a favorite healthy place or enjoy a healthy meal, tell the Real Food Community by posting a Shout Out!THE HEALTHY FOOD COMMUNITYSet your diet type to Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Paleo or Everything (a Real Food omnivore) and we’ll customize the restaurant recommendations for you. You can also find and follow other healthy eaters or comment on their activity while earning points for everything you do. Check out the leaderboard to see how you rank. Tasteful regularly sends out prizes to top Local Leaders!